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"Spacey Oddity" -- The Silicon Sasquatch: Episode 56

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is, by many accounts, a big step forward for a series that was beginning to flounder. We got together to discuss how Sledgehammer Games updated the tried-and-true formula and speculate on where the series can go from here.

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"Ethics in a Post-Gamergate World" -- The Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 54

Months after the birth of the Gamergate movement, tensions are still high and threats are still being made. Where are we now? And what impact will Gamergate have on how we discuss ethical concerns in the games industry in the future?

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"Inside the GOTYs Studio" -- The Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 52

Catch a sneak peak of our 2014 GOTYs: We discuss our current favorite releases, and get hyped about what's coming next as the year draws to a close.

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