The Backlog: Post-E3 Hangover edition

Hey there, reader! Long time no see. How's tricks? Well, we're all a little burned out here. I mean, you all saw the media deluge last week, didn't you? The countless trailers, the hours of presentations, the Brütal Legend lawsuit . . . it's just exhausting.

So, we failed to deliver on the E3 commentary we promised, and I wanted to personally apologize. We weren't sure how we were going to discuss the event as it raced by, and thanks to each member of our bustling staff of three having something major come up, it just didn't happen.

If you're still with us, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding. All three of us have busy lives, and I know that it's been a constant struggle for me at least to have a full-time job and keep up the quality and consistency in blogging that I aspire to.

We'll be getting back on track shortly. In the meantime, excuse our flakiness.

Now, let's talk about some games, shall we?



I've been rounding up notes on about a dozen games to start discussing them on the site. And while there are a couple of standout titles among the bunch -- InFamous and Red Faction: Guerrilla in particular -- I'm eager for a nice, carefully structured linear experience. All this open-world exploration is great, but we all need some variety now and then.

And in about ten minutes, I'm going to be playing resent Apple for announcing something cooler than my iPhone 3G while I follow the Worldwide Developers Conference. It's a little ridiculous of me, of course, but let's be realistic. I play games on my iPhone more than any other platform at this point, and I'm gonna feel a little snubbed when people start buying something way cooler than the thing I've got. Oh well. That's simply the way of things -- especially when Apple is involved.



E3 slightly cut into my gaming capability for part of the week, but since Tuesday I've been enjoying Red Faction: Guerrilla. It's really a slow start, but the destruction-based gameplay builds on you over the first few sectors in need of liberation. After awhile you'll be bringing down buildings strategically by targeting their weak points (go for support beams!) and discovering your favorite combination of weapons (I'm fond of an upgraded rocket launcher, an upgraded nanomachine rifle and max demolition charge capacity). It's really an amazing title overall, but I still see it being a sleeper hit despite THQ having saturated various media outlets with marketing for the game.

Oh, and multiplayer is ludicrously fun. More on that when we post our review sometime next week.



It's all Fallout 3, all the time. Hoo boy — time to go find a doctor and get injected with some pre-war stuff to clear out the addiction. I think I'm only about a third of the way through the game, but I'm still completely hooked. I'm to the point where I feel comfortable with the controls, how to get around the Wasteland, and how to fight. Not being at level 1 or 2 also helps — I've customized my character through weapons and skills. Unfortunately, though, the enemies don't get any easier. I do look forward to kicking ass with the Brotherhood, though, as I've got the Broken Steel DLC installed too.

I got a bit of time to play a few other games, too — NCAA 09, FIFA 09, Mass Effect, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix — and hooked them up in HD, too. That was a situation I could get used to.