The Backlog: It's Like E3 Again Edition

The redesigned PlayStation 3, called the Slim, releases on September 1st What a week it's been. The inaugural Gamescom in Cologne, Germany opened on Wednesday and guess what: Sony kindly unveiled the new PlayStation 3 Slim. Media outlets weren't exactly surprised by the announcement, but I think we're all glad the rumor mill has finally ceased its incessant turning about the damn console. Looks like I finally need to go get a PS3.

Oh, and a little event in Anaheim, California called BlizzCon flung its +10 Doors of Nerd Barricading open to the (literally) unwashed masses of Blizzard fanatics today, and so far we've already been made privy to the next World of Warcraft expansion, a new Diablo III class and StarCraft II being confirmed for release in 2010.

You know, as a gamer I like it when these big gaming-related events run back-to-back with one another. The ESA might as well wedge E3 2010 between next year's Gamescom and BlizzCon to mentally and physically destroy every games journalist in existence. That could be Silicon Sasquatch's in!

An image so good it makes the prequels look half-decent


For some odd reason I've devoted a large amount of my gaming time this week to Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. I'm under the deluded notion that I can reach 100% completion in the game without going insane. It's not a particularly hard title, it's just tedious...incredibly tedious. Still, I have to hand it to Traveller's Tales for making what's overall a fun and goofy title. Just don't ruin the experience by trying to do what I'm doing.

Other non-block-themed bytes I consumed this week were Fallout 3's Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta -- mostly for review purposes. Go ahead and check out each write-up for my impressions of Bethesda's final two post-nuclear roleplaying simulator DLCs. Now, to be completely honest, I'm glad to wash my hands of the game. Hundreds of hours sunk into one title (that's not an MMO) makes you feel way too involved. Strange, I know. I'm ready for Fallout: New Vegas, though. Get to it, Obsidian Entertainment!

Next on my gaming queue: Halo Wars, Shadow Complex, Batman: Arkham Asylum (which is getting many glowing reviews) and...more Lego Star Wars.

Doug's local, sportsmanship pride is fantastic. But why are they called the Vikings anyway?


This week has been busy — class Monday, finishing homework, quizzes and team projects for accounting on Wednesday, then a test in Finance on Tuesday, more class Wednesday, being social (bars, basketball and more bars) and finalizing some back-end paperwork stuff for grad school. I haven't fired my 360 up since...maybe Monday. All I've done gaming-wise is play with the NCAA 10 TeamBuilder — it's super powerful and, being the kind of person to toil over minor details regarding team jerseys, it's right up my alley.

Above is a photo for the work-in-progress team I've created; the fun part will be editing the roster from head to toe. Thankfully, you can now do that through a web browser instead of on a console.

Nathan Drake/The Prince takes flight in Shadow Complex for Xbox Live Arcade


With this scorched-earth Oregon summer winding to a pleasantly breezy conclusion, my gaming backlog is finally getting the attention it deserves. Having made my way through the wonderfully crass House of the Dead: Overkill and Namco's doting recreation of PlayStation platforming classic Klonoa, I've almost finished clearing out my GameFly queue. I hope to finish Killzone 2 and Punch-Out!! this weekend.

Of course, that all depends on whether I can release my vice grip on Shadow Complex. Chair Entertainment created a game that went right for my Achilles' Heel: side-scrolling, Metroid-style adventures. While I'm not convinced it's the greatest game of its kind, it's a pleasant surprise and a nice homage to some of the finest games ever made.

And hey, it's always nice to hear Nolan North playing another character who looks an awful lot like Nathan Drake; maybe it'll hold me over until Uncharted 2 struts in and dictates how I live my life for the next few months.