Sasquatch PSA: Ch-ch-changes

Maybe we're ready to kick this website into overdrive, or we're simply tricking ourselves into doing more work than ever before. Either way, astute readers will notice some changes around our corner of the Internet. Most obvious is our change in a layout theme. As much as we enjoyed the old look and its simplicity, I think we can all agree that too much white space only quickens corneal cancer -- a problem our new theme certainly doesn't have. I'm no doctor though, so please don't quote me on that. Our pretend lawyer would be upset I insinuated anything we do might have caused cancer.

In the next few weeks our design team (consisting of Nick and I) will be working together to introduce a much-needed banner image for the top of the site, and what can only be called a "sweet" background pattern. We'll also work on developing a trademark color scheme to differentiate us from the millions of other gaming blogs out there. So while that's going on, I sincerely apologize for any hiccups and delays this process will likely cause. Look for larger article images, too.

I also need to mention our latest page, which we've named "Squatchcast." It might not be obvious from the word we made up, but this is where we'll compile our podcasts. Please enjoy them, and marvel at my potentially trademark-infringing header image.

Lastly, thank you for all of your support and patience. We're almost upon our first anniversary of this blogging venture, and we have a lot more ground to cover to be exactly where we want. We thank you for sticking with us this far, and into the uncertain future.

Check back over the next couple weeks for our latest podcast, reviews of Modern Warfare 2 and Beatles: Rock Band, and don't miss Doug's freshly minted review of Forza 3!