Silicon Sasquatch: Year one complete!

It hardly feels like a year has passed since Nick and I made the audacious decision to produce our very own videogame blog. The seedling concept that would eventually become Silicon Sasquatch gestated for a long time over many nights of World of Warcraft (and post-college pity parties), to no immediate avail. But in December of last year we finally put our talents to the test, and gave it go. So here we are now: I'm extremely happy to report that the past year has been quite successful for our corner of the Internet.

The year that was 2009 saw Silicon Sasquatch reach numerous important milestones. From upgrading to a .com URL to creating a presence on SteamTwitterFacebook and LinkedIn, we've been quite busy. I'm also proud of our numerous experiments with content; be it writing about demos, disseminating news, pondering in retrospectives or tackling cooperative reviews, we certainly tried to be diverse. We even began our own podcast in July, which might be our most significant achievement this year. (New episodes soon, we promise!)

I'd like to note how grateful we have been for the fantastic variety of comments coming from our ever-increasing readership. As egotistical as it might sound, writers sometimes need to know they're actually engaging their audience. The same can be said about being noticed by the industry itself: Meowcenaries developer Mediatonic and The Path developer Tale of Tales each picked up on our work, and we also received a review copy of an Electronic Arts title. These events were simply radical, and became quite the morale boosters for us.

Silicon Sasquatch may still be very tiny in the grand scheme of things, but we know we have potential. I'm definitely excited for the future, and I thank every single one of you who still reads our work and tells your friends about us. So, please do us a favor by continuing to read and comment. Love us, hate us or "meh" us, any feedback is welcomed and encouraged. We will reward you with e-cupcakes, as soon as we figure out the progamming languages necessary to make that happen.

Looking forward, 2010 will see us push out a better-looking website and more original articles. Don't quote me on this, but you might also see video content. You know, those moving picture things? And, as always, you can expect more well-written reviews and opinion pieces -- Google Analytics tells us you like those.

I'd also like to thank the rest of the Sasquatch team: Doug, Tyler and Spencer. Doug has been with us from the start, and he's been a fantastic (and continuous) source of opinion, support, criticism, debate and original content. He's our senior contributor for a very good reason. Tyler and Spencer have been the best podcast guests we could have hoped for, and it's been a pleasure to work with them. They make sure to tell us like it is, and we need people to keep us on our toes from time to time -- Nick and I just need to get them to write more. Thank you again chaps: We wouldn't have made it this far without your numerous efforts and dedication.

Now go have a fantastic holiday. But don't forget to look for our "Top 10 Games of 2009" series -- along with the crew's individual "Honorable Mentions" pieces -- starting next Monday!

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