Daily Recap: April 27, 2009

We’re coming up on the big summer blockbuster season for games, and E3 2009’s looming on the horizon with all the shameless glitz of its heyday, so it’s comforting to have a manageable news trickle. Today’s news deals with a wrestler, some world warriors, a few dozen superheroes and one creative game developer who’s embarking on a personal journey.

Rough-and-tumble actor Mickey Rourke, most recently nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his stellar performance in The Wrestleris set to star in Rogue Warrior, based roughly on the real-life experiences of Navy SEAL Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko. Developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Bethesda, the game places the player in Marcinko’s shoes as he investigates a North Korean ballistic missile program and unearths a conspiracy of some sort. Rebellion’s track record is relatively spotty, having been tasked with a number of high-profile game ports and adaptations to platforms like the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, but the potential for a game based on such a hard-hitting true story and portrayed by a talent like Rourke’s is high.

Capcom announced Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer, and while it shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s great news nonetheless for the fighting game enthusiasts. Arriving sometime this summer for a paltry 1200 Microsoft Points/$15 on PlayStation Network — a steal compared to what its previous console releases sell for on eBay — the classic brawler will feature online play and come with all 56 characters unlocked. Perhaps the best-known crossover fighter that Capcom ever made, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 plays host to dozens of classic comic book characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine and Gambit and pits them against videogame legends like Mega Man, Strider Hiryu and the gang from Street Fighter Even better for the fighting elite: this downloadable version of MvC2 is based off the Dreamcast version’s code, which is the definitive version of the game according to Capcom’s Unity blog. Capcom even brought in two of the game’s biggest devotees in the fan community to test out the port and iron out every little nuance to make the game as authentic an experience as possible. PlayStation 3 users will get a special preview this Thursday in the form of a playable demo; Xbox 360 owners, it seems, will unfortunately be forced to wait until the game launches.

And while this isn’t news, it’s probably the first time a game was designed to announce an employee’s decision to quit his job. An employee at 2K Australia (famous for working on BioShock) named Jarrad designed this Super Mario-like Flash game to announce his decision to leave his job to focus on indie game development. If the creativity involved in building this goodbye-game is any indication, Jarrad’s got good reason to pursue his interests.