The Backlog: Killer Bs edition

Lots of good things start with the letter "b"; Many games right now, for instance (Battlefield and Bayonetta being two of them). Other things start with that letter — like business school, bad tests, The Beatles...and also brains.

Wait, brains? It will make more sense in a moment! So, without further ado, here's the log.


What a boring week for me. I didn't play that much of anything during the past seven days, aside from more Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and a little bit of Bayonetta. Isn't it bad when you can't remember what you did for one-quarter of the month?

So, I apologize for my lackluster contribution to this edi...oh, wait, I remembered: I did some drumming. I rocked out in the virtual sense with Beatles: Rock Band, but I also played music outside of the game when I took my non-plastic drum kit to a friend's house to spend an entire day in a focused jam session. It felt good to do what I used to do -- it's been nearly three years since I had my full kit set up. I laid down some sick beats, bro.

Next week will be seven days of the letter B (I think I just turned into a Sesame Street character), with a mixture of more Bayonetta and Bad Company 2, and the arrival of my brand new, $8.99 copy of Bionic Commando from Amazon. Sure, that tiny bit of money could have gone to BioShock 2, Darksiders or covering the cost of Bad Company 2 now that Barnes & Noble cancelled their $20 mistake, but I like to live in a state of stupidity sometimes.


BayonettaDarksidersForza Motorsport 3Mass Effect 2DJ HeroBioShock 2. They're all sitting right in front of me, but I haven't touched any of them in days.

I wish I could say I've been getting lots of quality time in with a few of my current favorites, but this week has been so draining that I've only had the energy to come home and boot up my Netflix Instant Queue before my eyes glaze over and my jaw falls slack.

Also, this weekend I'm looking forward to taking the GRE. But that's not a game (It is, in fact, the most dangerous game of them all - Ed).


Add me to Nick in the "too busy to play games" category this week, sadly. Finals are next week, and between school and real life my AS Roma team have had to wait patiently on the PES 2010 sidelines, my Forza 3 cars have had to sit in the garage, and the Normandy has just had to cruise in a holding pattern for my second Shepard in Mass Effect 2.

However, one bright, shining, wonderful gaming thing has come into my life this week: Plants vs. Zombies has been released on the iPhone platform. That sound you hear is my free time being sucked right up by yet another Popcap game for iPhone. I didn't buy PvZ last year when it first came out, but played and saw a decent amount of it — certainly enough to know that the new handheld version is an almost-perfect port. And, yes, the touch controls work brilliantly.

Plus it's $2.99. What are you waiting for?