The Backlog: Dammit, Seriously? edition

It's happened again. At the tender age of four, my Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB model, bought in March of 2006, passed away this Saturday at 7:55 p.m.

Because my console has been out of warranty since last June -- extended for an extra year after I payed to repair the then-not-free E74 error in 2008 (I was reimbursed a few months later, to be fair) -- I would have to pay the standard $100 fee to fix the infamous Red Ring of Death. Instead of going down that road again, I'm saying "no" to Microsoft's repair service and purchasing a brand new Arcade system. I'm hoping that an extra Ben Franklin will result in owning a quieter console (with HDMI capability!) that won't fail four years down the road. Perhaps I'm a fool for trusting to hope?

And no, this is not the time to tell me to buy a PlayStation 3. That would be insensitive to the memory of my plastic and silicon-chipped comrade. Plus, I still have a lot of games to play on my Xbox -- Final Fantasy XIII among them.

So, Friday's Backlog was missing due to various other issues, and the Xbox failure only exacerbated my inability to post. Nick is a busy man who is also learning the ins and outs of the Valve Hammer Editor and the Unreal 3 Engine, while Doug is still off enjoying Asia's cultural zeitgeist.

We'll post our regularly scheduled Backlog this Friday, sans hardware failure. Maybe.