Sasquatch PSA: Who wants a bonus when buying a new Xbox 360? You do.

I just learned something about myself, not more than 15 minutes ago: It's apparently easy to break down my willpower when there's a lonely and Xbox-shaped dusty void in my entertainment cabinet. I just placed an order on for a new Xbox 360 Arcade to replace my red-ringed console. I'd been waiting for a potential price drop, and with additional rumors swirling about a "slim" Xbox I was even more hesitant toward the idea of purchasing a replacement system. Microsoft's advertising slogan asked me to "jump in," but I had cold feet. That is until today, when Amazon began a fantastic promotional deal for the entry and upper-level Xbox models.

Now, we're not being paid by Amazon to mention this. Wish it were so, but it's not the truth. Yet despite the lack of shady corporate handshakes, in which rolled up $100 bills are exchanged, we at Silicon Sasquatch feel it's only right to let our fellow gamers who are in search of a new Xbox 360 know about this deal. It's great.

From today until this Saturday, March 27th, Amazon is offering two tiers of gift cards when you purchase a particular Xbox console (sorry: refurbished consoles and the Final Fantasy XIII and Splinter Cell Conviction bundles are exempt). The Arcade will net you a $25 digital card to the online superstore, while the extra-beefy Elite (coming in Winter and Spring varieties) will come with a $50 code. The link for the offer is right here, but the deal specifics need to be repeated for clarity's sake: You, of your own volition, must add the appropriate gift card to your shopping cart in addition to your preferred console. Amazon won't give you a code if you just order the console by itself. Don't worry: the $25 or $50 is discounted at checkout.

Hopefully this is of use to gamers out there who are replacing a broken console like I am, or those of you who have yet to purchase an Xbox console at all.

Now if we can get Amazon to do this kind of deal for the PlayStation 3 and Wii, I'll be a happy camper -- and not of the online multiplayer first-person shooter variety; no one likes them.