Book Update! Silicon Sasquatch: The First Year or So available December 1st!

Editor's Note: Clarified the language about the initial order we'll be placing to indicate that all profits from that order will also be donated to Child's Play.

Good news, everyone! Our book, Silicon Sasquatch: The First Year or So, is 99.99% complete! After a few small fixes are made, we'll be uploading the final edition to Blurb, a self-publishing solution. That means that on Wednedsay, December 1st, the book will be available for purchase for $12.00.

What does that twelve dollars get you? Quite a bit, as it turns out:

  • A book that shares the story of a few independent writers struggling to establish and develop their own unique publication
  • A comfortable, convenient, and surprisingly satisfying 5"-by-8" paperback book
  • About 280 pages of content, including more than 50 of our best and most important articles, each with brand-new annotations by the post's author
  • Four brand-new essays with insights on the creative process, the challenges involved with independent writing, and a post-mortem on our ill-fated podcast

As it turns out, Blurb does an excellent job with even its least expensive book formats. We received a proof copy over a week ago and were surprised just how great everything looked. Print is sharp, alignment is spot-on, and the images we included all look great in print (and in black and white). The cover has a nice, glossy finish that shows off the awesome cover art done by our friend, Steven "Pocket" Uppinghouse.

And if that wasn't enough reason to buy a copy, we're pleased to announce that we'll be continuing our tradition of not making a penny off of the Silicon Sasquatch enterprise. As a matter of fact, all profits from the book will be donated to Portland area children's hospitals through Child's Play Charity, a charity created and run by Penny Arcade that provides videogames to children's hospitals. So think of it this way: For twelve bucks, you not only have a rare opportunity to get us to shut up about our stupid blog, but you can also help chip in a little money to help make life a little more fun for sick kids.

If you're in the Portland area and you know us and you'd like a copy of the book right away, please send me an email (nick at siliconsasquatch dot com) and let me know. We'll be placing a bulk order on Wednesday, and once the copies arrive on or around December 15th, we'll be distributing them to our friends and family. If you let us know you want a copy as part of this first shipment, we'll be able to provide one to you for a flat twelve bucks thanks to bulk shipping rates, and all the profits will still go to Child's Play. If you order a copy later from, it'll be around five or six dollars more for shipping, so let us know as soon as possible!

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm on this project! I never thought I'd end up writing a book, let alone designing one and laying one out. For an underemployed idealist, it's been a dream come true.