Happy 2nd Anniversary, Silicon Sasquatch!

Wow, already? Never thought we'd make it this far.

We just want to stop, take a moment, and recognize that Monday, December 20th marked the second birthday of Silicon Sasquatch.

What started two years ago as a way for Nick and Aaron to stay on top of their writing skills (and keep from being bored) has evolved into a gaming collective of sorts, with Nick, Aaron and Doug providing content on a weekly basis and friends of the site like Tyler, Spencer and Matt contributing articles from time to time. It takes just one glance through our recently-published book to see that we have improved by leaps and bounds.

So far this year, we've published 98 articles — and we'll finish the year off strong with our 2010 Game of the Year feature next week. Until then, enjoy the holiday season with those you love...and the games you love. Thank you for reading the site, supporting us, buying our book, and giving us a reason to keep writing. We're grateful for all of you.