Retrospective Overdrive Mode: Initiated

I really need to stop playing Pro Evo Soccer 2010. From there, an idea is born: I need to play other games; unfortunately, at this point in time, I can't afford to go keep up on new releases. So, when you can't look outside for story ideas, you look inside. Unsurprisingly, being a gigantic nerd, I have a stockpile of games for systems that are sitting forlorn and unloved while my Xbox 360 fan kicks up to high once again.

Throughout the history of Silicon Sasquatch, I've enjoyed taking a look back at gaming in our Retrospective articles. I feel like much can be gathered by playing and analyzing games of all vintages; after sampling even a couple of the games I'm thinking about covering in depth, it's amazing the issues and thoughts, positive and negative, that you can find.

So let's fire up the good 'ol way-back machine for a few weeks (or...months? WHO KNOWS!) and dig through the decaying pile of games that are all but forgotten in the contemporary hype machine. The point is just to bring back some games you might not have thought of in a while and see if they stand up to their memory, are better than remembered, or do not stand up to 2011 standards.

Please feel free to send in suggestions for games, too, and share your memories for some of these older games. Let's get old, people!



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