Silicon Sasquatch's 300th post

It's hard to think of a great way to start this post, but here goes: This is the 300th published post on Silicon Sasquatch. It's not a gigantic milestone but I feel writing that much is at least noteworthy, if not praiseworthy. So, thank you. Silicon Sasquatch has been a labor of love for a long time — going on three full years now. It hasn't been a regular endeavor, but between the web site, podcasts, and the book last year, I think I speak for everyone involved when I say it's been enjoyable. Thank you for reading, commenting, and taking time to pay attention to our little video games-related soap box. If you're reading this wondering where the hell we've been the past few months, well, Nick did a pretty good job summarizing the key points in late July. In short: real life gets in the way sometimes. If you're reading this wondering if this will now become the only post on the site for a month? Well, there's little reason to worry about that. Famous last words, yes, but myself, Nick, and one of our longest-serving contributors, Tyler, are all working on pieces right now. Maybe they'll be the only thing we publish for months on end, but at least it's a good start. And though I can't speak for the others, I know I want to start writing more again — my life has settled down and I can play games and write about them more regularly.

So thank you for reading for these 300 posts. Hopefully the next 300 won't take three years.

-Doug, on behalf of the Silicon Sasquatch staff