Sasquatch PSA: The Humble THQ Bundle, Saints Row: The Third, and You

Hey guys! We’re dropping a quick Sasquatch Public Service Advisory here to let you know about The Humble THQ Bundle, which will end in two days!

Why are we running a PSA here to advertise a Humble not-so-indie Bundle? Well, because one of the games included in this bundle deserves your attention. Yes, it’s Saints Row: The Third, which you can acquire by paying over the average, which at time of publication is $5.63.

Now, we hope you are well versed in how awesome Saints Row: The Third is. But, if you are not – and have a Windows computer capable of running the game – then this is a must-purchase for you. Hell, I might buy it to give the code to a friend who has not yet seen the way and the light.

And that’s another reason we wanted to highlight this bundle: We messed up. There will be a longer article later this week on the topic, but we left Saint’s Row The Third off of our 2011 Game of the Year Top 10, and that is quite possibly the single most egregious offense we have committed in Sasquatch GOTY history. Had we known then what we know now, it may well have reached the top spot for 2011.

So this is part our penance. It won’t make up for its exclusion last year, but it’s the gesture that counts, right?