Public Service Announcement: Emerald City LAN

ECL My own "confusion" aside, I'm aware that gamer consensus on LAN parties regards them as an ongoing fever dream, limited in appeal to only the most vested in the cult of the PC. (I'll go further in-depth on the topic in weeks to come). Stereotypes aside, Emerald City LAN is coming to Seattle in a month's time, and the founder asked me to reach out to anyone who might like to attend. Last year's event was a fine success, 48 hours of PC gaming situated in South Downtown, Seattle.

This year, Intel LANFest has picked up the event, and 100% of the profits from this year's are going directly to charity (Intel covers operating expenses). There'll be prizes, tournaments, all the good stuff that we PC gamers have enjoyed for years! Console fans, this is your chance to learn how the other half (other tenth?) lives.

Whether you're a dedicated veteran, or someone who just got a PC recently to see what all the fuss was about, Emerald City LAN will have something for you. This year's event is filling up pretty quickly; about 133 out of 200 seats have been sold at the time of this writing, with a little under a month to go. If you're in the Pacific Northwest and interested, consider attending - I know I'll be there! Registration can be found here.