House Of Cards - Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Season 3, Episode 3, Part I


Last Sunday, February 24th, we (the US crew: Nick Cummings, Aaron Thayer and Spencer Tordoff) got together for a recording session and had discussions on not one, not two, but three whole topics. Each ran a bit long, so we're bringing Episode 3 to you one insightful talk at a time.

The first of these concerns the layoffs at IGN, and closures of UGO, Gamespy, and 1UP. We talk about the evolution of media, the specter of hyper-specialization, and speculate: where's the floor on this trend? (The Patrick Miller article we reference can be found here.)

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Musical selections for this podcast were chosen from Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts I-IV" and Abducted By Sharks' self-titled album.