PAX Prime 2013 -- Day 2 Debrief

The sun has risen on the third day of the Penny Arcade Expo, and while Spencer and myself managed to crawl back to headquarters to lick our wounds and record a podcast, a tragedy has befallen the staff: we lost our editor in chief in the field. Nick Cummings is 27, about 6'1'', has blondish to light brown hair and was last seen trying to procure Cards Against Humanity's Bigger Blacker Box.

If you've seen this man please don't approach him. Being lost in the wilds of PAX can...change you. He may be dangerously unshowered, unkempt and unshaven.

Oh, the podcast. Right.

Listen to Spencer and I wrap-up our day two exploits, from meeting The Incredible Machine and Contraption Maker producer Jeff Tunnell to demoing a holographic submarine battle game built by students at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

The podcast will be uploaded formally later today, but if you've got an urge to check it out before then, you can download it unofficially here.