Backlog: Day None Edition

Exactly one week from now Sony's successor to the PlayStation 3 will be released to the unwashed masses. Microsoft follows up with the Xbox One a week later on November 22nd. A new era is nigh, friends.

Does the industry stand at the precipice of greatness or mediocrity? Only Carl Sagan would know.

We at Silicon Sasquatch HQ have mixed feelings about the upcoming console generation. That shouldn't be a surprise to listeners of our recentpodcasts. As for my personal stance on the subject: Last week I cancelled my pre-orders for both the PS4 and the X1 (I refuse to call it the 'XBone' -- I'm not a college freshman for fuck's sake) and purchased a new Nvidia GTX 760.

Since last week's backlog I've played enough Battlefield 4 to forget about my Day One edition Xbox. So in retrospect I've had a great, albeit reclusive, week of binge gaming. How about Nick and Spencer? Find out after the break! -- Aaron Thayer


With my PC packed away and lots of life-related stuff to figure out before we move into our new home next week, gaming has largely taken a back seat in my day-to-day priorities. It's a shame; I could really use a break from the rest of the stuff I'm doing.

Fortunately, I've been plenty productive between some avid job-hunting and plenty of work developing my portfolio. I'm hoping to have a longer dev blog post ready here before too long — keep an eye out for that.

A selection of early puzzles in Picross e

A selection of early puzzles in Picross e

When I do have some free time, I'm usually spending it on my 3DS. I picked up Picross e from the eShop in an effort to dull my senses and relax with some mindless productivity. I was a diehard fan (if such a thing can really exist) of Picross DS, and the same developer, Jupiter, is behind this digital-only update as well. Unfortunately, a lot of the trappings I enjoyed the most about the DS incarnation — the surprisingly expressive pixelated animations, the competitive multiplayer modes — are absent. Maybe they've been added into the sequels, Picross e2 and e3? I guess I'll find out once I've plowed through the first game.

I'd love to dive back into Pokémon Y, especially now that I'm just two gym badges away from the end of the game. Maybe I'll pick it up again this weekend?



Nick and I tried to play through Grim Fandango on Halloween, but were thwarted by unreliable internet, and lagging energy. Such are the trials of being an adult, no? Eventually we gave up and watched a playthrough of Costume Quest. Damn, that game is cute.

Bastion and Braid both wormed their ways back onto my hard drive, and I’ve been playing them on and off. Perhaps I just wanted a little bit of beauty in my life -- both are games I consider incomparably gorgeous, and experiencing them, no matter how repeatedly, is a delight. Really, Bastion and Braid each fall into the category of “gaming comfort food” for me. It’s kind of a relief that they’re well regarded and reviewed, unlike my preferred “movie comfort food.”

Battlefield 4 is pretty superb. I don’t know that I’d call it a full sequel, but I do know that I want to buy it as soon as I can afford it. Anyway here’s my Amazon referral link (just kidding).

A generous benefactor hooked me up with a copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, so over the next few days I’ll be seeing what all the fuss is about.