Happy Fifth Birthday to Us!

I don't know about you, but whenever I start a pet project the opportunities always seem endless at first. I can't help but get excited thinking about the vast potential behind it: where will this awesome idea take me? Of course, the answer's usually "ten minutes into the future, when you wring your hands in frustration and scrap the whole thing."

I'm sure most people can relate. Starting anything from scratch with no clear path to success (however you wanna define it) is no mean feat, and the vast majority of those ideas never make it past the idea-generation stage.

All this is to say that, when Aaron and I started this blog on December 20th, 2008, we never thought we'd be looking back five years on and writing a post like this one.

I don't need to remind you all of our humble origin story -- we wrote a damn book about the whole thing, remember? Instead, I wanted to share some statistics I found interesting and then cap this off with a quick personal note.

Total # of Published Articles: 450

We take pride in our process because it's a painstaking and professional-level one. Considering each article goes through a pretty involved process of writing, peer editing, fact-checking, formatting, tagging, image-production and promotion on social media, that's actually a hell of a lot of work. Our crew has been so devoted to our mission and it shows in our work.

We may not have the audience of your average game blog, but we've always sided with quality over quantity with the work we do.

Podcast Episodes: 31

And it'll be 32 later today, when our five-year retrospective discussion goes live.

We're really proud of the podcasts we've produced. I'll admit we had pretty humble beginnings where we all recorded over Skype on built-in laptop mics and then I'd hastily slap everything together in an audio editor and hope for the best, but things have really changed for the better. Spencer's taken the reins as our de-facto producer, bringing a level of devotion and craftsmanship to our productions that I think trumps your average videogame-related podcast.

We also launched Memory Card, an ambitious attempt to deliver a narrative show that aligns with our core mission perfectly.

Staff Members: 6

This year, our stalwart crew of five -- that's Aaron, Doug, Nick, Spencer and Tyler -- were joined by a new Portland-based contributor, Brit McGinnis. She brings a great dynamic to our podcasts and a new perspective to our writing, and that's awesome. I hope we can find more talented writers to join us on this weird, wonderful journey in the near future.

Total # of Unique Visitors to the Site: 63,089

It might sound like a lot. I don't know; maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I just think it's interesting to see a five-digit number referring to our humble little product.

Total Revenue: $0.00

We've often stated that Silicon Sasquatch is a labor of love for us. It was, and it is. But the whole point of starting a business is so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

So in the coming years, you're going to see some changes from us -- some pretty big ones, but they're all for the good of the site. We're going to attempt to connect with more people in a meaningful way and build more value around the work we do every week. I have no idea how things are gonna go, but I do know that it's now or never.


I've said a lot in years past about how much this project means to us and how grateful we are to have people reading the things we write, so I won't waste time on the same old platitudes. Instead, I'll just end with this:

Thanks for indulging us. This has been the most rewarding (and unexpectedly so) experience of my life, and I'm damn proud of what we've done. We've gone through every hurdle a passion project could imaginably encounter, and we're stronger than ever as a result. I'm so excited to see where each of us takes this thing from here.

Thanks for sticking with us. Stay tuned: the next five years are gonna be even crazier.


Nick Cummings
Editor-in-Chief, Silicon Sasquatch