Year Six Begins: Aaron's Take on the Last Half-Decade

December 2008: From such humble beginnings | original image courtesy  The British Library

December 2008: From such humble beginnings | original image courtesy The British Library

Nick just posted a thorough history of our work at Silicon Sasquatch over the past five years. I'd recommend you read that excellent summary, and then come back.

Really, go ahead.

...OK! Great! That was fascinating, right?

Everything our stalwart editor-in-chief highlighted has been a triumph for us. We've had so many wins for such a small project; this "labor of love," as we've called it countless times since 2008.

But if you ask me, 2014 is our real "Year One." It's kind of like Batman before Frank Miller and Batman after Frank Miller: Who cares about the Caped Crusader before 1986 and The Dark Knight Returns? The character's prior 47 years of stories weren't suddenly pointless, of course, but everyone agreed that the modern, pop icon Batman archetype was established thanks to Miller's reign.

We promise 2014 and onward won’t be like this

We promise 2014 and onward won’t be like this

So how does a man in a bat suit (sans nipples, in this case) apply to a tiny, currently unprofitable games website? Because we're about to hit the reset button.

Because, to be specific, everything that comes after 2013 is our Frank Miller-style revamp. We'll still focus on our core product: intelligent, measured discourse on the games industry and where culture intersects. However, we're going to take this labor of love and make it into real, actual labor -- in 2014, we're making this a business.

Ask me my perspective on the past half-decade and I will gush about our highest highs, and simultaneously shy away from admitting our lowest lows. I don't ignore our failures due to ego, but only because it's hard to realize that our slow growth is my fault, in part. I guess that means I'm ashamed. Looking back, we took so few risks under my co-leadership. To counteract such a bad habit, Nick and I have agreed that our collective risk aversion is out the window in 2014.

Once the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, that's when our team will go to work. It's boring, and perhaps unusual, to talk so openly about the business end of a journalistic endeavor. I do it to hold myself accountable over the next 365 days.

With so many goals in mind for 2014 (a business plan, targeted advertising, marketing and promotion, writer's guide, etc.) I can't help but give-in to optimism. We will legitimize our work on a grand scale.

As the past five years have taught me, you have to embrace your failures. Even if I don't like to admit them, I learn from them. We wouldn't be on the path to achievement, to making our dreams reality, if we didn't spend so much time stumbling over potential greatness.

I truly believe in us, and I believe in our readership. Thank you for your support, dedication and trust in what we strive to do.

Happy Holidays,

Aaron Thayer
Managing Editor, Silicon Sasquatch