"We Expected More From Spencer" — Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 34

We're finally crawling out of our various dens, burrows, and apartments here at Silicon Sasquatch, weary from the holidays and our Game of the Year discussions. So, naturally, the first thing we decided to talk about was -- games! Specifically, the games we're excited about in the coming year. Join us (Nick, Aaron, Brit, and Spencer) as we each pick our most-anticipated titles of 2014. It's like our GOTY pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-show! Actually, don't think of it that way. But do listen.

*NOTE: There's significant crackling on this podcast due to a recording issue not caught until post-production. We regret the error, and have made sure it won't occur on future episodes. Thank you for your understanding!

Intro: "Blue Shift" by vonhelmholtz Outro: "Wave" by iamMANOLIS Header image: "Spencer Train" by Charlie Cowins