“Turnerization” — Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 37

Header image compares restoration of Spanish Ecce Homo fresco to updating of a certain Japanese RPG The video game industry has more than 30 years of history now, so it’s only natural to look out for the future preservation of games we love. While old systems, emulators and re-releases are appreciated, there are always questions about what’s in the best interest of preserving a game. As platforms come and go, there are also updates of older games for newer consoles — including the recent Final Fantasy VI re-release for iOS — that make questionable choices about how to re-interpret a classic.

That’s what this week’s episode is all about. On Episode 37 I’m joined by Tyler, Nick and Spencer to discuss the trials and tribulations of preserving old games, and how some games have gotten it so wrong.

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Intro: "Carpetbaggers" by The Jawa Warhol Outro: "Comback Season" by ADmiral-_Gunna