“Don't Cross The Streams!” — Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 38


Streams. Who doesn't love them? Not big enough to be rivers but still flowing bodies of water, often cutting through forests or grasslands. Whenever I see a stream, I know it's bound to be a peaceful little slice of nature nearby. ...wait, you mean we're talking about a different kind of stream? Oh. Right.

Jokes aside, the popularity of streaming your live videogame content has grown in the last few years. It's to the point where Twitch.tv, the web site carrying the banner for streaming videogame content, is one of the top bandwidth users in the United States during peak times. Wow!

On this week's podcast, the gang – Doug, Aaron, Nick and Tyler – discuss various groups that are using streaming in non-traditional ways. From the tyranny of the masses to virtual cockfighting and #2Kuality, we talk about some of the more unique uses for streaming videogames that we have seen.

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Intro: Stick With You by WJLP https://soundcloud.com/william-j-lepetomane Outro: Skristi by Jovis. https://soundcloud.com/jovis