"I Cast A Spell. It Drives Out Boring Pen and Paper RPGs..." -- The Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 39

Today we take a little diversion from our usual haunts in the world of digital videogames to visit our cousins in the tabletop pen-and-paper RPG world. Relax; they're your cousins, they're family, and they're not as gross and icky as those OTHER cousins you may have. (You know the ones.) For this podcast, we have an interview with Dan Phipps from Cactus Cat Games. Full disclosure: Dan is a good friend of the site, and while we could pull a Giant Bomb and just say "Why is this guy on the podcast? Because he's awesome," we also want to get a good, relevant discussion going. Dan is working on a new pen-and-paper RPG called Arroyo that's attempting to solve the problems that come with traditional RPGs: learning curve, strict rules, lots of work for the game master. In short, too many books and charts and not enough fun.

Doug and Nick (full disclosure: Nick has helped work on this game!) chat with Dan about great moments in pen-and-paper gaming, about how he wants Arroyo to help change that, and about what happens when you playtest a game with improv actors.

Intro: "Mountain of Gold" by World Beyond

Outro: "Atlantic State of Mind" by mcGee