"Dis-Kinect-ion" -- The Silicon Sasquatch Podcast: Episode 42

Microsoft's vision of an interactive living room is forever changed: on May 13th, 2014, the tech giant announced it would offer a Kinect-free version of the Xbox One for a competitive $399. It bears mentioning that this news broke less than a year after the One's official unveiling, which lauded the advancements of the next-generation Kinect. So what?

Nick, Doug, Spencer and yours truly came together to discuss the impact of such a major strategic shift by the house of Xbox. Are they circling the wagons against the crushing financial fury of the PlayStation 4, or is this simply a smart reaction to shifting consumer demands within a volatile market? Either way, we argue, an Xbox One without the Kinect casts doubt on the focus of every device preaching its new-generation gospel.

Listen as we dissect the facts through brilliant conjecture!

Intro:  "An ever ending party" by MidiPunk Outro: "Red On Black" by DiN RADiO Header: Rain PNG by dbszabo1