This is the 500th post we've written and so we wrote the post about that fact

This is it: our 500th post. That's a lot of stuff we've thrown out there over the last five years.

We thought we'd just take a moment to thank you all for reading, commenting, listening, and bugging us mercilessly when we don't update the site for a while.

In case you've been out of the loop for a while, here's where we're all at today:

  • Spencer continues to write and contribute to Silicon Sasquatch while tracking down and recording interviews and pieces for his podcast, Player Accounts. He’s also working on another project, which is not ready to reveal at the time of this writing.
  • Currently eating potato salad out of a plastic bag while watching Netflix, Aaron is also thinking hard about the questionable decisions that led him to this point in his life. However, he doesn't regret pursuing his master's degree at Portland State University, when he's not working full-time and interning, too.
  • To the surprise of everyone, most especially himself, Tyler continues to mold the young minds of the next generation in Tokyo. He continues to fight the good fight against free-to-play juggernauts like パズドラ aka "Puzzle & Dragons" by espousing the virtues of the Vita to all who will listen (which is nobody).
  • Doug is currently finishing year three of working in a position with the JET Program in Nagasaki, Japan, where he helps junior high school students learn English by day and swims in piles of ¥100 used PlayStation games by night.
  • Nick continues down the slippery slope of independent game development in the rain-slick and fervently antisocial city of Seattle, Washington.

THOUGHT EXERCISE: What if we're still here, doin' our thing, decades from now? Where will we be at post #5,000? Or post #50,000?

Post #5000 – The Year 2029 C.E.

  • Spencer perfects fully immersive VR technology. He immediately uses it to create a simulation of a 1999 computer room and spends the next several years playing Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri nonstop. He is later selected for Time’s “Saddest Man Ever” cover story.
  • Aaron, one of the first pilgrims to Mars, blogs about his experience on the red planet. He's quickly hired as the Martian bureau chief for BuzzFeed Inc., which will purchase The New York Times in 2017.
  • Barely recognizable, Tyler is found emaciated, and clearly having soiled himself, in a PlayStation 9™ spore den, muttering to himself, "Greatness awaits!..." He quickly manages to turn around his life around in Sony Rehab, thanks to its inclusion in the PlayStation Plus membership package, and starts the cul...contemporary religious sect...Vitaology, most inFamously™ known for the creepy Tearaway youth with their matching outfits and blank, expressionless faces.
  • Along with playing games and contributing translations of Japan's remaining games industry, Doug has now taken up the position "King of the Gaijin" and is responsible for organizing foreigner affairs in Neo-Tokyo.
  • Now VP of Soulless Monetization Strategies for SquarEActiviZynga, a Monsanto subsidiary, Nick spends his days prying the last fragments of optimism from game developers and spends his nights quietly sobbing into a pile of LucasArts adventure games.

Post #50,000 — 34 The Year of Our NanoLord, Elon Musk

  • Spencer runs away into the Alaskan wilderness, where he spends his time brewing wood alcohol and waving his microphone at small forest creatures in an attempt to interview them. He uses the collected audio to create a public radio program titled "This Alaskan Strife." To date, its primary listenership is bears.
  • Frozen in stasis for hundreds of years after Mars was destroyed by the cybernetic organism known as "Cliffy B-0t," Aaron awakens on a transport vessel headed to the nearby Kardashian star system. He strikes up a conversation with the crew, and learns that League of Legends is still actively played. Aaron smiles as he opens the airlock doors, dooming himself and the crew to the cold vacuum of space.
  • Vitaology is now the second largest religion in the solar system, thanks in part to their truce with the Church of Gaben, after the console holy war, immortalized by the headline "Now We Are All Ports." When asked to speculate on slowing recruitment numbers a pair of missionaries, Tyler replied "Memory cards are still kinda overpriced I guess." On his deathbed, Tyler's last words were, "The thing's hollow — it goes on forever — and — oh my God! — it's full of indies!"
  • Having lost his King of the Gaijin crown in an exploding barb wire match, Doug has resigned himself to a life of salaryman toil. He plans on finally returning to Portland next year, where he will be horrified to see it's now just the northern-most suburb of the Bay Area Googleplex.
  • From deep within the forests of the Columbia River Gorge, Nick leads a rag-tag group of resistance game designers in their crusade to take freedom of design back from The Overseers. He also teaches spin class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.