Sasquatch PSA: Invisible Arcade

PAX is happening. It's just over a day away, and I'm not 100% sure I'm ready for it. but that's going to be a thing. Nick and I will both be there, so do say "hi" if you see us.

However, after PAX, something else is happening. Just uphill from the convention center, Invisible Arcade - Afterparty Edition is looking like the place to be after the expo closes down.

Earlier in the month I had the chance to speak to Samantha Kalman (of Timbre Interactive) and Solon Scott (the host of IndiE3), the organizers of the event. While my work on that interview isn't yet finished (it will make its way to the site in some form or another), we had a great discussion about their efforts to curate a "gaming concert," a shared space to experience new games, live, with other people. It's a fantastic idea with excellent execution, as I mentioned after attending their July event.

The upcoming event has a number of intriguing titles on display, including Memory of a Broken Dimension, FRACT OSC, Panoramical, Shader, and Samantha's game, Sentris. Personally, I can't imagine a better chaser after spending a weekend with the medium I love most.  See you there, perhaps?