Transmissions from PAX Prime 2014 -- Day 1: Gat's Out of the Bag

Ed's note: Nick and Spencer have stormed downtown Seattle to partake in all manner of PAX 2014 festivities. Lucky them! Our intrepid lads hope to share a bounty of random musings, sites and perhaps even sounds from the biggest commercial gaming expo in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be on-hand all weekend to facilitate their transmissions from inside the Washington State Convention Center. -- Aaron Thayer

During its panel this morning, Volition announced Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell, a standalone game for new-gen consoles, PC and previous-generation platforms. Here's the story: Gat and Kinzie have to rescue the boss (a.k.a., the President) from the devil. So, naturally, they go to hell.

It looks over-the-top in some surprising and good ways. Weapons are inspired by the seven deadly sins, so there's a frog launcher, a locust rifle and so on. The most hilarious was the "sloth" weapon, which is an overstuffed recliner that shoots rockets, bullets, etc. at enemies. There's even a massive attack called "armchairmageddon." Depending on whether or not that last sentence made you laugh, you ought to have a good sense of whether or not Gat Out of Hell is the kind of game you'll enjoy.

I also had a chance to scour the expo hall briefly before heading out to grab some food. We stopped in to try the Pokémon Trading Card Game on iPad. I'd had high hopes, mainly because Nintendo's finally branching out on other hardware, but the experience suffers from severe inconsistencies in interface design. Everything feels needlessly complicated, with menus buried in menus and double-tapping required to perform basic actions — a cardinal sin in mobile design. If this is Nintendo and The Pokémon Company's flagship effort at diverting potential card-game players away from Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering's excellent iOS adaptations, they're looking at a massive uphill battle.

Next up: Games Journalism Hunger Games MMXIV. Whatever that is.