GOTY 2014 - Dumbest Thing

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Dumbest Thing - #Gamergate

There has never been such a broad and all-encompassing schism in the gaming world before Gamergate. Small wonder, then, that it’s been so damaging and disruptive to relationships, reputations and personal lives.

I can’t explain Gamergate as comprehensively or specifically as the mainstream press already has, but suffice it to say that a lot of people have been targeted, abused, harassed, stalked and threatened for promoting equal treatment of women and minorities in the gaming world. There’s been a lot of damage done to a lot of people, and it’s going to be a long time before this culture recovers–and odds are good that it’ll never be the same again.

There is one small silver lining, at least. While we’ve always opposed harassment of all kinds at Silicon Sasquatch, it wasn’t until Gamergate that we had an opportunity to talk at length among ourselves and publicly about why we support the things we do.

We’re all encouraged by how many developers, writers, critics and participants have stood against the Gamergate campaign, and we hope it signifies a growing willingness within the gaming world to discuss sensitive topics and to (finally!) start making this space a safe one for everyone.  – Nick Cummings

Runners-up: Women Objectified as Explosives (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes), Unfinished Games