Presenting the 2016 Silicon Sasquatch Game of the Year Awards

In order to look forward, we must first understand what came before. That's as true in media criticism as anything else. It's in that spirit of thoughtful reflection and celebration that we present to you the seventh-annual Silicon Sasquatch Game of the Year awards. 

As the culmination of several months of work and one incredibly long debate over Google Hangouts, we're very proud of how this year's feature turned out. It's our biggest one ever, spanning nearly 30 separate articles and roughly 20 award winners to recognize. And for the first time, we've reached out to some friends and peers to share their own favorite games from this year.

This year's Game of the Year feature kicks off on Monday, December 19th, and runs through Friday, January 6th. It's our longest-running tradition here, and we hope you enjoy the three weeks of programming we've put together for you. Stay tuned, and please be sure to like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get our latest updates as soon as they're posted.

It's been a tumultuous year, and we're facing some complicated days just over the horizon. We hope you'll join us in taking a moment to recognize the many good things that came out of this year and to participate in a tiny part of our collective effort to recognize the good and/or significant things that happened in 2016.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts as we announce our winners (and inevitably snub some darlings.) Please comment on our posts or on social media and tell us what you thought about this year's games!

Nick, Aaron, Doug, Spencer, and Tyler

2016 Game of the Year Awards Schedule

NOTE: All times below are PST.

Week 1: Category Award Winners

December 19th—23rd, 2016

Monday, December 19th

Tuesday, December 20th

  • 8am: Best Art Direction
  • 10am: Best Game for People Who Don't Play Games

Wednesday, December 21st

  • 8am: 2016's 2015 Game of the Year
  • 10am: Best Character
  • 12pm: Guest List: Nathan Harrison, Orbis Tertius

Thursday, December 22nd

  • 8am: Best Moment
  • 10am: Best Tone Control

Friday, December 23rd

  • 8am: Video Games Are Weird, Right? (Formerly the "Hideo Kojima Award for the Hideo Kojima-est Design Decision")
  • 10am: Best Storytelling
  • 12pm: Guest List: James Heinichen, Frame Interactive

Week 2: The Top 10 Games of 2016

December 26th—30th, 2016

  • Monday, December 26th: #10, #9, #8
  • Tuesday, December 27th: #7, #6
  • Wednesday, December 28th: #5, #4
  • Thursday, December 29th: #3, #2
  • Friday, December 30th: #1

Week 3: Honorable Mentions

January 2nd-6th, 2017

  • Monday, January 2nd: Aaron
  • Tuesday, January 3rd: Nick
  • Wednesday, January 4th: Doug
  • Thursday, January 5th: Spencer
  • Friday, January 6th: Tyler