GOTY 2017: The Top 10 Games of the Year - #10


Welcome to the Ninth Annual Silicon Sasquatch Top 10 Games of the Year list! After months of discussion and yet another marathon five-hour meeting, we've finally narrowed down the 10 games that we feel best represent the best and most important that 2017 had to offer.

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#10 - Prey

Arkane Studios | May 5th, 2017 | PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One

Prey was, in honesty, a bit of a surprise for this year. It shares its name with a briefly-popular 2007 game of the same name but overlaps with it in no other way. In total, it feels more like a continuation of an entirely different series, blending the deco stylings of the BioShock series with the future-sci fi space station setting of System Shock.
By this description, one might think Prey a little formulaic, but it isn’t—it earned its place on this list by being one of the best RPG-shooter hybrids we’ve played in recent memory.
Prey manages to set itself apart by offering the best execution to date on the mechanics and tropes of the ‘Shock genre. The environment ranges from mirror-sheen corporate to the rusty underbelly of space station Talos I, populated by audio logs, holographic recreations of the past, and the occasional NPC or station AI. 

Where other games of the genre can lose a sense of tension as the story progresses and the player grows stronger, Prey’s shapeshifting enemies continue to feel menacing throughout. Couple this with a sense of ambiguity as to other characters’ motivations—not to speak of your own—and as much as you sink into the world, you never quite get comfortable. That’s a good thing. Prey is the perfect place to spend some unnerved, uncomfortable time.  — Spencer Tordoff