The Silicon Sasquatch Podcast (lovingly referred to as the Squatchcast) is the number-one ranked videogame podcast on iTunes...that we make. It's standard roundtable discussion with our special Sasquatch flavor -- topical discussion, personal opinion, absurd humor and a light sprinkling of expletives. The show is recorded and produced as time allows. The role of host rotates among our regular panelists: Nick Cummings, Aaron Thayer, Doug Bonham, Spencer Tordoff and Tyler Martin. From 2013-2014, Spencer Tordoff served as the show's producer.

From 2009-2012, the Squatchcast was produced and hosted by Nick Cummings. Aaron Thayer and Doug Bonham appeared on every episode, with occasional visits by Tyler Martin and Spencer Tordoff.

You can also see our entire archive of podcast episodes here.